The Council

His Worship Mayor Wally Nunez

Finance & Revenue Collections, Local Economic Development, Foreign Relations, Traffic Management, Human Resources, Staff Development Training, Trade & Investment, NEMO

Councilor Johnnia Duarte

Community Beautification and Upkeep, Environment and Climate Change, Special Needs & Diverse Abilities Initiatives, Building Unit, NGO’s and NEMO

Councilor Dianeli Aranda

Human Development, Woman Affairs, Youths Development, Child Friendly Municipalities Initiatives and NEMO

Councilor Marina Kay

Education, Public Health, Market Management, Sanitation and Maintenance, Small & New Business Incentives, Senior Citizen Outreach and NEMO

Councillor Adaly Ayuso

Public Events & Culture, Sports, After School Programs, Recreational Planning, Parks & Playground and NEMO

Councillor Jose Castellanos

Compliance & Enforcement, Crime Reduction & Policing, Drug Abuse, Neighborhood Watch, Town Zoning, Cementeries and NEMO

Councillor Ernesto Bardalez

Tourism, Public Utilities, Public Relations & Customer Service, Roadworks & Infrastructure Communication & Consultation Services and NEMO

Our Partners